Welcome to CodeClasp. My name is Soumia Hachami, I studied Computer Science at Athabasca University where I had the chance to learn a vast scope of programming concepts and got hands-on experience with projects and assignments. I started CodeClasp to share my excitement about machine learning and application development.

What I love most about programming is the fact that it offers endless possibilities to implement almost any idea into a piece of software that can be useful. I especially enjoy the problem-solving aspect of programming as well as the possibility it offers to bring together the technicality of writing the code and the creativity of how to display it to the end user.

There will be articles and tutorials added to this blog about web and app development. In addition, we will also talk about machine learning. This area of artificial intelligence is now changing the world and the way computers solve problems, and that is why I like to learn more about this field and share my journey with you.

Thank you so much for visiting this blog, I hope, that through my sharing I can help someone and contribute to the coding community.